Clubhouse Europe



Our Mission

To promote the
continuous development
and dissemination of
the Clubhouse Model in
Europe, as defined by
Clubhouse International’s
Standards for
Clubhouse Programs.

Our Vision

To increase the
opportunities for
current and former
users of mental health
services in European
countries to recover
their mental health by
providing the empowering
and supporting communities
found at Clubhouses.


Celebrate this year with Clubhouse
Europe and all European Clubhouses
one year and demonstrate our strength.
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14th European
Clubhouse Conference

coming up in Amsterdam,
Oct. 23rd-26th, 2016.
Invitation and Registration form.
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Accreditation – the most
important goal for a Clubhouse

Why Accreditation?
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Mental Health world

How To Look After
Your Mental Health

It’s important to take care of
yourself and get the most from
life. This booklet suggests 10
practical ways to look after
your mental health.
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European Clubhouse

Winter Edition