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Clubhouse Europe

Established in 2007, registered in 2011, the European Partnership for Clubhouse Development
(EPCD), doing business as Clubhouse Europe, is a European non-profit,
non-governmental organization.
Clubhouse Europe was founded with the purpose of promoting the continous development and
dissemination of Clubhouse International’s
evidence-based Accredited Clubhouse Model in Europe, as defined in the International
Standards for Clubhouse Programs.

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The Goals of Clubhouse Europe are to:

  • Improve the social inclusion, education and labor market integration and participation of people with mental illness in Europe
  • Increase opportunities of mental health service users and ex-users in European countries to participate in empowering and supporting Clubhouse communities
  • Strengthen and extend Clubhouse International’s network and operations with European Clubhouses and other stakeholders of Clubhouse development in Europe
  • Promote and coordinate the European research of the Accredited Clubhouse Model and collect the results of the research for international dissemination.


Clubhouse Europe does this by:

  • Ensuring that Clubhouse members are at the heart of all activity
  • Supporting and sustaining existing Accredited Clubhouses
  • Facilitating and supporting the individual Clubhouses and coalitions in Europe to meet and help each other
  • Raising awareness of the Accredited Clubhouse model among people with mental illness across Europe
  • Increasing the number of Clubhouses accredited by Clubhouse International throughout Europe
  • Promoting and coordinating the European research of the Accredited Clubhouse model
  • Influencing governments and the EU to support and promote the Accredited Clubhouse model
  • Creating partnerships and participating in relevant mental health networks within Europe
  • Fundraising, especially on a European scale
  • Accessing training for key Clubhouse Europe leaders in “marketing and advocacy”
  • Developing and maintaining a website and a marketing and communications effort
  • Being the main partner for Clubhouse International as it concerns Clubhouse activities in Europe


Working Groups:

The work of Clubhouse Europe is organized into working groups, each led by an Clubhouse Europe board member.

Advocacy, Funding and Research

  • Raising awareness of the Accredited Clubhouse model across Europe
  • Influencing governments and EU policies
  • Fundraising with individuals, foundations and corporations
  • Submitting national and international grant applications to support Clubhouses
  • Coordinating new and existing research in Europe


  • Producing a European Clubhouse Magazine,
  • maintaining our website and Facebook page
  • Marketing and translating all Clubhouse documents and
  • Clubhouse publications into European languages
  • Selecting Clubhouse ambassadors

New Clubhouses, Training and Accreditation

  • Helping to establish new Clubhouses and providing technical support when needed
  • Supporting newly established Clubhouses
  • Increasing participation in Clubhouse International Training and Accreditation programs and International Seminars