Clubhouse Europe



It is each and every individual Clubhouse member, with his or her talents and abilities that makes every Clubhouse distinctive.

Each Clubhouse is a unique part of the European Clubhouse community.

All European Clubhouses and Clubhouse Europe are celebrating this variety of unique Clubhouses in different European countries each working along the International Standards, despite cultural and linguistic diversities.
Together they form a strong partnership for changing the world of mental health in Europe.

It is for these reasons that Clubhouse Europe is announcing that the theme for the coming year is


The year begins on October 10th, 2015, World Mental Health Day
and will end on October 26th, 2016
at the 14th European Clubhouse Conference in Amsterdam.



14th European Clubhouse Conference 2016

Grand Finale of the “Unique and Together” Campaign of Clubhouse Europe

The 14th European Clubhouse Conference will be held in Amsterdam from October 23rd, till October 26th, 2016.
Clubhouse De Waterheuvel will host the conference, cohost will be Clubhouse Wingerdweg. Both are Amsterdam Clubhouses.

The conference will be the finale of the “Unique and Together” campaign of Clubhouse Europe, started in October 2015.
The campaign emphasize the importance of collaboration of the European clubhouses in the European context.
The conference provides a platform for European Clubhouses to

  • Show Europe who we are and what we do for those who suffer from mental illness to regain a meaningful life.
  • Exchange ideas and best practices between European Clubhouses to perform better.
  • Meet each other in the General Meeting of Clubhouse Europe to discuss and formalize the policy of CH Europe and elect a new board.

Amsterdam is one of the most attractive cities for young and new talent in the world. This gives the city in combination with all the other well known attractions as the canals, the old houses, beautiful museums and hundreds of bars, restaurants and theatres, that very special and exciting atmosphere.

A great place for the European clubhouses to meet and to show who we are.

So join us in this promising conference for change in mental health.

Unique and Together,

Wander Reitsma
Director Clubhouse De Waterheuvel
Chair Clubhouse Europe